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Recycletronics offers electronics recycling, computer recycling, and cell phone recycling for Georgia, the southeast, and nationwide.
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Provided services to
EPA under national
contract #EP-w-05-001


RECYCLETRONICS® is a trademark of MOLAM.

Recycletronics is a national leader in the electronics recycling industry.
  • We work with our governmental and corporate clients in managing their IT assets by recovering whatever value there is in their end-of-life electronics equipment. In addition, we protect their security, provide sophisticated tracking and reporting, and ensure that their electronics won't end up in some third world nation's toxic waste dump.

  • We provide ecology minded consumers with a convenient way to recycle their old electronics, thereby allowing everyone to do their part for a healthier, greener eco-system.

  • We support the electronics recycling industry by developing processes and technology that standardize how e-scrap is processed with real world sustainable business models that work.

  • We help US industry and our economy by creating valuable commodities out of e-scrap that would otherwise be shipped overseas.

  • Through our work with non-profit organizations, we create jobs and opportunities for people with disabilities.

  • We assist local municipalities around the Atlanta metro area who hold e-cycling events for their communities.

Zero Landfill Policy

All e-scrap is fully recycled with a strict Zero Landfill Policy. The Recycletronics Process takes electronics waste and systematically converts it to reusable steel, aluminum, copper, precious metals, plastics, and glass. Once converted to commodities, it is used to manufacture new products. Nothing goes to landfills.

No Export of e-Waste

We never export e-Waste overseas. Unlike other companies, we don't have to. The economics and the business model of the Recycletronics Process results in profitability, and that eliminates the compelling need and greed that is currently fueling the shipment of unprocessed e-waste overseas by many of our competitors. This is especially important in light of recent media coverage (see 60 Minutes Report on Toxic Dumping) and ongoing legislation that will ultimately stop overseas dumping of electronics waste altogether.

Georgia Preferred Vendor and Leader in Sustainablity

Recycletronics is a Georgia Department of Natural Resources preferred vendor, and we have been twice named the leading environmentally sustainable electronics recycling business in the State of Georgia (2008 and 2009, House of Representatives Resolutions 1072 and 248 respectfully).

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