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Recycletronics offers electronics recycling, computer recycling, and cell phone recycling for Georgia, the southeast, and nationwide.
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Provided services to
EPA under national
contract #EP-w-05-001


IT Asset Management, Recovery and Distribution Services

Recycletronics Corporate Recycling Services Recycletronics offers services designed to provide a seamless solution to IT asset management. Our services have been created to direct the logistics of each program, minimizing the day-to-day attention needed by our clients while allowing them to focus on the core competencies of their business.

Since inception, Recycletronics has specialized in the recovery and distribution of technology-related assets. Our experience in this field allows us to efficiently decommission and evaluate our clients?equipment to determine the optimal outcome for these assets. Using our knowledge in the area of asset valuation, we estimate the worth of each piece of client equipment upon receipt at our facility and deliver a report to our client. The client then has the opportunity to re-deploy the asset within their organization or offer the asset for resale, donation, or recycling.

Recycletronics manages information related to each client asset by providing Internet based reporting on the status, specifications, and location of all assets in our inventory. We also offer risk management solutions by protecting confidential client information stored in the storage spaces of the assets themselves.

With Recycletronics, you will be dealing with a single point of contact for the deinstallation, removal, data erasure, and disposition of your equipment. Our distribution services maximize the return on our clients' IT assets by utilizing the most efficient market for this rapidly depreciating equipment. Our strategy supports the individual or bulk sale of decommissioned technology assets worldwide via our extensive U.S. based and international wholesale channels. Our asset recovery program is organized to deliver what makes most economic sense for our clients; Consignment or Direct Purchase.

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  • Consignment

    • Deinstallation

    • Removal & Logistics Coordination

    • Asset Tagging

    • Testing

    • Data Removal

    • Valuation

    • Repair (if required)

    • Distribution

      • Resale

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        • Internet Sales

        • Wholesale

      • Donation

      • Employee Purchase

      • Recycle

  • Direct Purchase