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Recycletronics offers electronics recycling, computer recycling, and cell phone recycling for Georgia, the southeast, and nationwide.
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Provided services to
EPA under national
contract #EP-w-05-001

CRT Auto Cutter

CRT Auto Cutter cuts the CRT at the frit line (which is where the heavily leaded part of the CRT commonly known as the Funnel is glued to the mostly unleaded section called the Panel). Funnel is separated from the panel using a heat band that is automatically wrapped around the CRT by the Auto Cutter. The band heats to a high temperature. Cold air is then applied to create a temperature differential that causes the glass to break at slightly above the frit causing the frit and the Funnel to be separated from the Panel for further processing. Safety glass top is lowered during operation to ensure operator safety. A high power vacuum cleaner with high quality filters is integrated into this machine for removal of the phosphor layer inside the Panel. It can cut 30 CRTs per hour and requires one operator.

CRT Before

Funnel After

Panel After


Name Unit Params
Length F 6.6
Width F 5.9
Height F 5.7
Tube Size Inch 14-29
Operator(s) People 1
Throughput Set/hour 30
Voltage V 220/460 (3 phase)
Power kw 7

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