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Recycletronics offers electronics recycling, computer recycling, and cell phone recycling for Georgia, the southeast, and nationwide.
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The Latest News About Electronics Recycling

Tech industry challenges e-cycling programs

EDN, 8/25/2009

The high-tech industry is starting to fight back against what it calls onerous e-waste recycling bills.

Trouble is brewing on both the East and West coasts. In July, the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) and the Information Industry Technology Council (ITI) filed a federal lawsuit against New York City over its e-waste recycling law and regulations. The lawsuit charges that the city’s e-waste program is unconstitutional. Among the suit’s charges are that the law exceeds the city’s authority in regulating interstate commerce, violates the rights to equal protection under the law, and violates due process. The city council passed the law in 2008. This spring, the department of sanitation issued regulations that required electronics manufacturers to file by July 31 detailed plans of how they would meet the regulations or face penalties of $1,000 per day. Because of the lawsuit, which was filed on July 24, that deadline has been delayed...
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Jacksonville goes back to drawing board over e-waste News, 8/21/2009

Seven months after one company bid on a $40,000 contract to recycle the electronics Jacksonville residents put out with their trash, City Hall plans to start over from scratch.

The reason: fear that those old televisions and computers might be dumped half a world away and end up poisoning people...
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Indian Tech Industry Pushes for E-waste Laws

Earth911, 8/19/2009

E-waste dumping abroad continues to be a significant issue that nations are working to address. Along with Greenpeace, India’s IT industry is urging for change in the country’s environmental laws to solve the problem of improperly managed of electronic waste...
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E-waste Offsets: A Good Idea but How Effective?

triplepundit, 8/17/2009

In response to the ever-expanding challenge of electronic waste (e-waste), most developed countries have enacted legislation that mandates the responsible disposal and safe handling of discarded electronics within their own borders. (Thankfully, the US is catching up with the rest of the developed world, state by state.) But what happens to your old TV, computer or cell phone after you drop it off at your local “green” recycler?..
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E-Waste Recycling Can Do More Harm Than Good

ExpertClick, 8/5/2009

In recent communications with clients and other New England businesses, Horizon Information Group is warning small and mid-size businesses to take care when selecting a firm to recycle electronic waste.

"With the rapid demand for e-waste recycling, a new industry is emerging at break-neck speed," noted Allen Falcon, Horizon's founder and president. "Unfortunately, many e-waste recycling firms are doing more harm than good"..
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Consumers Trepidatious Over TV Recycling

Environmental Leader, 7/22/2009

The emerging category of “green” electronics has captured consumers’ attention in the past year. They are beginning to understand the various environmental and health impacts of the plethora of devices they interact with on a daily basis, according to research from the Natural Marketing Institute.

Consumers are most anxious that their devices are difficult to recycle, but their concern differs by device, with almost 60 percent of consumers concerned that televisions are difficult to recycle, and only slightly over 40 percent of consumers stating that phones are difficult to recycle, according to the 2008 LOHAS Consumer Trends Database...
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EPA Says Recycling Company Dumped Waste

UPI, 7/22/2009

PITTSBURGH, July 15 (UPI) -- U.S. environmental officials say EarthEcycle, an electronics recycling company, dumped waste in South Africa.

The company, based in Tulsa, Okla., was previously charged with dumping electronic waste in Hong Kong. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency filed an amended complaint earlier this month, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported...
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Federal Bill on E-Waste Policies Moves to Senate, 7/22/2009

Two Democratic U.S. Senators -- Amy Klobuchar of Minn. and Kirsten Gillibrand of New York -- introduced earlier this month legislation aimed at funding R&D efforts to improve to recycle e-waste and develop best practices and innovation in greener design of electronics.

The Electronic Device Recycling Research and Development Act, a nearly identical version of which passed the U.S. House of Representatives in April, provides almost $85 million over the next three years to help spur the growth of electronics recycling practices in the U.S...
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Costco Pairs With Gazelle for Old Tech Trade-Ins

Wall Street Journal, 7/22/2009

Last week, Costco quietly rolled out a new partnership with Web site Gazelle to encourage its legions of discount shoppers to trade in their old technology for credit they can spend on new gadgets.

The Costco customer program works pretty much like the one that startup Gazelle has offered to everyone for about a year. Enter the make and model of your old gadget (say, a third-generation 8GB iPod Nano) into the Costco Gazelle Web site, and the company tells you how much cash they’ll give you for it ($47, as of Friday, July 17) if you put it in a box and mail it to them. Gazelle then resells your old gear on eBay and to wholesalers — or, if it’s really old, they’ll recycle it for the value of its tech innards...
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Senate Bill Would Promote Electronics Recycling News, 7/15/2009

U.S. Senators Amy Klobuchar (D-MN), Susan Collins (R-ME) and Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) introduced bipartisan legislation to promote the research and development of programs to improve the collection and recycling of electronic equipment and to reduce the use of hazardous materials in electronics...
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Toxic e-Waste

Tech & U, 7/12/2009

Almost every day, old computers, mobile phones and other gizmos make way for new ones. Not surprisingly, e-waste is now a fast-growing part of the garbage stream in many countries. If improperly disposed of, the lead, mercury and other toxic materials inside e-waste can leak from landfills.

Still more needs to be done.

As more PCs and other electronics get replaced each year, e-waste dumping is turning into a serious problem, especially in emerging economies where developed countries are said to send their used equipment to.

Research firm Gartner says 37 million secondary PCs were refurbished and exported to emerging markets last year, and this is expected to hit 69 million by 2012...
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When Recycling Is Bad for the Environment

Discover Magazine, 7/6/2009

You just polished off some yogurt and, because of that chasing-arrows symbol on the bottom of the container, you assume it should go in the recycle bin. Right?

Not necessarily.

Glass, metal, and paper are pretty straightforward, but when it comes to plastic, things get tricky. The truth is that what you can recycle depends on where you live and what materials your city’s facilities can handle. There are many different types of plastic, and they cannot all be recycled together. So unless you’re diligent about sorting all your plastics, then “recycling” that yogurt container may be doing more harm than simply throwing it away...
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Electronics Recycling Is a Green Business, 7/4/2009

We Americans love our gadgets. Many households have multiple computers, electronic kitchen products like microwaves, ipods, digital computer frames, printers, fax machines and televisions. As these items near then end of their useful lives (i.e., break), it is possible to recycle them rather than throw them in the dumpster. Electronics products that end up in landfills often release toxic chemicals that contaminate the soil and groundwater. Pollutants from electronics can contribute to poor health and environmental conditions...
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Electronics Firms Fight State Recycling Programs

Wall Street Journal, 7/2/2009

Small electronics makers are struggling with -- and fighting against -- new state laws mandating they pay for electronic recycling programs for consumers.

Five companies, including ViewSonic Corp., CTX Technology Inc. and ToteVision Inc., are threatening litigation against Washington state's new electronic waste law, which requires manufacturers to fund recycling and collection services for old TVs, personal computers and monitors...
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