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Recycletronics offers electronics recycling, computer recycling, and cell phone recycling for Georgia, the southeast, and nationwide.
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Provided services to
EPA under national
contract #EP-w-05-001


Recycletronics leads the way to ensure safe processing of e-waste internationally

October 4, 2010
Georgia’s largest electronics scrap recycler, Molam International
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Georgia House of Representatives: House Resolution 248

February 6, 2009
A resolution commending our company for "outstanding corporate citizenship and commitment to reducing waste and improving the air and water quality for all Georgians"...
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CNN Special Video Report: Electronics Recycling

December 27, 2008
Recycletronics CEO Nader Nejad discusses the future of electronics recycling with CNN's Reynolds Wolf as they tour our cutting edge facilities...
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2008 Sustainability Award

January 28, 2008
Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue awards us for our work in electronics recycling with the Sustainablity Award, presented in the Georgia Capitol Building...
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Georgia House of Representatives: House Resolution 1072

January, 28, 2008
A resolution commending our company for "outstanding corporate citizenship and for creating innovative solutions and business models that convert waste into valuable resources"...
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East Cobber: Largest E-Cycling Company in Georgia

April, 2008
Each month, a million pounds of electronics are recycled by East Cobb residents Janet & Nader Nejads company, MOLAM International. In just 12 years, the company they founded is now Georgias largest electronics recycling depot. MOLAM International is on the cusp of the so-called e-cycling movement, which makes everyday products out of toxic electronic trash too poisonous to dump just anywhere...
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MSNBC: E-cycling puts new life in electronic junk

January 2, 2006
MARIETTA, Ga. - Arcane PCs, printers, monitors and other obsolete gizmos are stacked high along the walls of the dusty suburban Atlanta warehouse, awaiting reincarnation before a line of grisly industrial shredders. To us, theyre plastic, copper, aluminum and steel, said Nader Nejad, who runs Molam International, Georgias largest electronics recycling depot...
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Savannah Morning News: Easy e-recycling

September 29, 2005
On Saturday, a private recycling company from Marietta is teaming up with Chatham County and the county's municipalities to collect as many computers, printers, monitors and other electronics as possible. The company promises that all the parts will be re-used or recycled, according to Ronald Doane, Molam International Inc.'s general manager. "There's no landfilling," Doane said. The electronics will be shredded into pieces smaller than a business card, making it impossible to retrieve information from them...
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Atlanta Constitution: Shreds of Safety

September 29, 2005
Disposal firms thrive as businesses, people work to keep data out of wrong hands. This is where old computers go to die..
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Capitol Reports: EPA awards first contracts to help federal agencies properly dispose of used computers

January 3, 2005
The U.S. EPA has awarded its first contracts to help all federal agencies properly dispose of computers and other used electronic equipment. Called Government Wide Acquisition Contracts (GWACs) for Recycling Electronics and Asset Disposition (READ) services, the contracts provide federal agencies with a dependable method of properly recycling and disposing of excess or obsolete electronic equipment...
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