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    Recycletronics offers electronics recycling, computer recycling, and cell phone recycling for Georgia, the southeast, and nationwide.
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    Recycletronics Recycling Events Recycletronics specializes in recycling electronics (e-waste), and we would like to help you with setting up and handling your next e-cycling event.

    Here are the specifics of what we do:


    We can process most electronics including personal computers, keyboards, mice, laptops, servers, cell phones, circuit boards, wires and cables, docking stations, external/internal hard drives, tape drives, external modems, electric motors, transformers, sound equipment (such as receivers, amplifiers, CD/DVD players, etc.), computer network equipment (hubs, routers, etc.), banking equipment (such as cash counters, magnetic card readers, check printers, etc.), test equipment (oscilloscopes, voltmeters, amp meters, power meters, voltage generators, etc.), telecommunication equipment (telephones, network switches, antennas etc.), AC adapters, power supplies, surge protectors, switch boxes, calculators, monitors, printers, UPS (battery), network/telecom racks/cabinets, fax machines, typewriters, scanners, overhead projectors, microfiche, VCRs, tape players, cash registers, office shredders, televisions (plastic case only), desktop copy machines, computer terminals, microwaves, mainframe and mid range computer equipment, and stand up copy machines.


    For most e-waste, we charge you nothing to process your material. There are a few exceptions, however.

    For white goods (refrigerators, stoves, dishwashers, washing machines, and dryers), because of the amount of work it takes to break them down, we charge $30 each.

    For TVs and CRT monitors, we have to charge a little since these items have much more processing involved in separating and processing the leaded glass in the picture tubes. Be aware that any recycler that doesn't charge for processing TVs and CRT monitors is most likely shipping them overseas where they'll end up in toxic waste landfills (a very bad thing). In volume, we only charge $5 per TV and $2 per CRT monitor, so the expense isn't very much. For that, we're able to completely process and clean the CRT glass so that it's furnace ready for immediate reuse in building new CRTs. In fact, everything we handle gets fully recycled. Nothing we process ever goes to landfills, either here or overseas (a very good thing).


    Once you let us know the time of your recycling event, we'll be happy to schedule a truck to come by your location with a 53 foot trailer. The cost for the use of the truck and trailer is $300, however, if you fill the trailer, we'll provide it to you for free.

    We can leave the trailer there with you for up to one week. If you need it longer, there is an additional charge. If you don't want a trailer sitting at your site, you can put your collected materials on pallets, and when you're ready, we can schedule a live load pick up at your convenience.


    Regardless of how the truck and trailer gets scheduled, you need to have your own volunteers there to handle the work of loading the trailer (good exercise for the football team). The good news is that they don't need to be gentle or have to "pack nice" since it's all going to the shredders anyway. If you've ever been frustrated with your computer, you'll be amazed at how much fun it is to throw one in a truck.


    When we pick up the trailer, you'll need to provide us with a count of the TVs and CRT computer monitors that we're picking up. In addition to paying us the processing fees for the TVs ($5 each) and CRTs ($2 each), if the truck is not fully loaded, we'll need to collect a $300 payment from you for the use of the truck and trailer. Lastly, there will also be a Transfer of Ownership Release Form to be signed by someone in charge that allows us to take ownership the e-waste we're picking up.


    We suggest that you advertise your recycling events at least a month in advance so that you can have a better chance of a good turnout. As a point of reference, a 53 foot trailer stacked full will generally hold about 20,000 lbs of e-waste. Promoting your event well in advance assures you that you'll be able to fill the trailer and get it for free. Email blasts and getting out into the business community with notices are always good ways to get good community participation.


    If you want to use your recycling event as a fundraiser, please feel free to do so. There are many ways you could do this. For example, you could charge something additional for each item or you could simply have a donations jar for people to "tip" you for providing the benefit of having the recycling event. How you do that is totally up to you, however, because we're already dealing in bulk quantities as it is, our cost for processing your e-waste is pretty much fixed.


    In addition to your e-waste, we would be happy to accept your plastic bottles and aluminum cans as well. We offer competitive rates and can apply that towards any recycling charges for e-scrap or pay you for it as the case may be.

    Let us know about your e-cycling event, and we'll even help you
    promote it for free by adding it to our E-Cycling Events Calendar.

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